Who is Landor Arms ?

Landor Arms is the leader of Class A commercial weapons projects in TURKEY. Since its establishment, the company has doubled its turnover every year and the number of employees has increased accordingly.

Our firm, in Üzümlü town bound to Konya's Beyşehir district, has been operating with its own staff in terms of Arms manufactururing and reparing as an Ancoster profession,since 1998

Regarding Arms repairment,our Firm instantly supports all request and problems of huntersand arm-lovers,with its professional staff and the repairment-revision of the products are perfectly done

Since 2015,under the name of Landor Arms Corporation,for better service to our valuable hunter friends,we decided manufacturing,along with repairment

Our priarity is making future investments in the fore ground of customer satisfaction and qual for this reason,we provide 2 years warranty for the products we have manufactured andwill manufacture


 Landorarms warranty covers its firearms and parts.,we provide 2 years warranty for the products we have manufactured andwill manufacture If repaired by an unqualified gunsmith without permission from Landorarms, then the warranty will be void. 

Thank you for choosing us.

Landor Arms

Landor Arms

You can reach us 24/7.

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